Cacao Medicine Dance ~ Sacred Waters Dancing


When we come together in Sacred Space with the intention to Heal, Transform, Play and Pray ... the Universe joins us and we can access Great Wisdom and Joy.

Let us come together to Celebrate our Lives as Sacred Water Dancing. Our Mother Earth is 75% water and so are we.. This cacao ritual dance is inspired by the Great Changes that are upon us. It is time to wake up and we need all the help we can to stay True to our Hearts with our Feet grounded on Mother Earth. There are many indigenous civilizations that have shown us how to work with the Earth energies and the Changes and how to become stronger when we come together.. I invite you into the Medicine Wheel as we travel across ages and civilizations to learn tools that were left behind for this Great Time of Awakening.. and honor the sacred waters within us and our Mother Earth.

This evening will also be facilitated by the Cacao Spirit and the Ritual of Sacred Space. Opening intentions and guided meditations will help us to open to the Inner Child and Higher Self. Naia will guide movement and breath practices that bring together Yoga, Ecstatic Dance and Sacred Breath with lots of time to Get Wild in the Dance. Bring all the things you want to activate in your Life and all the things that Challenge you and are ready for release, they can all be seen and honored in sacred space, healed and transformed... When we are ready to take a step towards our Higher Being, our Higher Being jumps to assist us. Trust!

This is a Safe Space to Open to your inner self and speak from the Heart to the parts of you that are ready to transform and the New Earth Energies that you are ready to Bring in.

In this space we will co-create and play with the magic that is already within you..

High in Magnesium and 100% caffeine free, this plant medicine gently relaxes the body and opens doors for deep meditation and profound realisation. This nourishing superfood is also very high in Theobroma, and therefore an excellent mind focuser, ideal for peak meditative states. It also aids in heart opening, healing and transformative inner work.

**Please Note** Pure cacao contains certain elements that are contraindicated for certain MAOI's (monoamine oxidase inhibitors which can be found in SSRI's and Anti-Depressents). Please let us know beforehand if this regards you. We will prepare your beverage accordingly.


We Are the Ones.

This will also be a prayer for Standing Rock Sioux Nation and all the Water Protectors who are fighting so hard to protect the Sacred Rivers on Turtle Island and part of the Profit will be sent to a charity that will help to support the work there.