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Vampillia official(JP)
VMO Violent Magic Orchestra(JP)
ハチスノイト - hatis noit(JP)
Harry Knuckles

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Vampillia is next alternative music from osaka
Guitar, Noise guitar,Bass, Piano, Classical
Strings, Velladon on Opera, Mongoloid on the dark metal vocals alongside
twin drummers Tarow the Tornado (NICE VIEW, TURTLE ISLAND) and Tatsuya
Yoshida (RUINS) .
From this lineup of 10 (sometimes more) comes experimental and beautiful dark music, Vampillia.
Pitchfork have highly recommended Vampillia's work alchemic heart that
was released by important record USA
this album remixed by lustmord, clark,μ-ziq and fennesz.
Vampillia played in 2011, 2012 and 2014 at the International Music Fare SXSW in Austin, Texas.
Vampillia have performed twice as the musical background for Christian Dada's Collection as well as a variety of other activities for the show.
Christian Dada was the designer of Lady Gaga's Costumes for her World
In 2014,Vampillia signed with Candlelight Records UK.
and release album called some nightmares take you aurora rainbow darkness that produced by Ben Frost.
in 2015 Vampillia will release experimental record from VASE ran by jacques greene.and they plan to make experimental black metal with pete swanson and mondkopf.

Bands performed with:
Vincent Gallo Jim O'Rourke, Thee Oh Sees, GANG GANG DANCE, Bernie
Worrell, Nadja, Ariel Pink, Alcest, Jarboe (ex SWANS), Atras Sound, ARAB
STRAP, toe, World's End Girlfriend, merzbow, Masonna, Boris, Melt
Banana, and many more.


VMO a.k.a Violent Magic Orchestra
It was formed by Pete Swanson(ex Yellow Swans) in charge of electronics,Extreme Precautions as Mix,Synthesizer and beat maker,Vampillia in charge of playing instruments,Kezzardrix make live visual, and Three strobe lights. Also it's art project of in complete harmony of Techno,Black metal,Industrial,noise and emit light. It is like Black metal meets Kraftwerk, Aphex twin invaded by Burzum. By the way, VMO is the unit to use the electricity for most at the venue. The total electric energy is 4500 watts. To put it simply, for 56 amps.

hatis noit

Female vocalist from distant Shiretoko, Hokkaido. After studying classical ballet, theater, gagaku (traditional court music), Japanese folk songs and other performing arts, she is now based out of Tokyo. In addition to performing as a solo artist, she is also the vocalist for “funeral classical” Japanese band Mutyumu (signed to world’s end girlfriend’s Virgin Babylon Records).Solo releases to date include her voice-only debut album “Universal Quiet” (2014), and “Illogical Dance” (2015), a work on which she collaborated with long-time Björk collaborators Matmos. Her unique song-world offers transcendent vocal interpretations that at once deconstruct and recombine the DNA of Western classical, Japanese folk, whispering, and poetry reading, creating a soundscape so astounding that tickets were sold out within just three days of her latest release event at Tokyo’s Lutheran Koishikawa Church.Highly acclaimed for her versatile collaborations in art, fashion and theater, hatis noit has performed at large-scale art and music events, including Setouchi Triennale 2013, the MOT 20th anniversary event “FLUXUS in JAPAN” (2014), Odate & Kitaakita Arts Festival 2014, the LIQUID ROOM NYE annual countdown “HOUSE OF LIQUIDOMMUNE”(2015/2016) and the “Christian Dada S/S 2016 Collection” event.At the MOT exhibition “Sayoko Yamaguchi: The Wearist, Clothed in the Future,” hatis noit also collaborated with Ukawa Naohiro (DOMMUNE) to create a literal overnight sensation that, once the clip was released, attracted over 80,000 views within the space of a single night. More recent collaborations or co-starring have also seen hatis team up with the likes of Matmos (U.S.), Yagya (Iceland), Keiji Haino (Japan), and Tujiko Noriko (Japan).

Harry Knuckles

Legendary Icelandic noise pioneer and Lady Boy Records mastermind brings you scrambled collages of smashed beats, abrupt breaks, loopy loops and screwed samples that build into a rolling thunder of noise, visceral techno, and maximalist pseudo-funk that seeks to disturb, rearrange and expand the listener’s ideas on music, using tape loops, drum machines, radios, synthesizers, and various effects. Harry Knuckles has performed in art galleries, squats, abandoned fish factories, theatres and everything in between. He has released his music on his own label as well as Placenta Recordings, Falk and Erdanumusik.